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What is Modern Metal music?

Today, I want to describe what I mean about Modern Metal. As you can see we are living in time when we have current technologies, culture, science. So, and music not stopped in the past. There are many great metal styles from past times and it’s good, some bands become as classic, but our time was born new heavy music.

This style of music got romantic or protest temper from alternative rock music and power from metal. When you listen this style you can be full of emotions. Could feel the relevance and presence of music and you here and now, at this time.

Modern metal has melody, clean or distorted vocal with passion, keyboards and powerful guitar riffs. This style has many modern sounds too, as musicians can use technologies. Modern metal has many branches: nu metal, melodic metal “mdm” one of the popular, metalcore etc.┬áMusician are have ordinary apparel as shirts, dark jeans, long or short hair. That is saying as this style goes from subcultures to modern understanding of metal music. I’m sure, you’ve heard this music many times and understand everything without words.