Happy New Guitar Year!

There are but few hours remaining for 2014, and we wish to say a few words.

We would like to express tremendous gratitude to all of our customers for supporting PIOD EFFECTS this past year. This was our first year of business, having launched our product in a huge existing market. We are proud to be the first pedal company from Ukraine, and we have tried to offer the guitar world the best sounds from our small team of just a couple people.

We sincerely wish strength and health to you and your families always, and especially in the new year.  Keep making music, focus on self-improvement, and never give up! Continue to find inspiration in the great tone you can get from your guitars!

Happy New Year, with our best wishes from Ukraine!

PIOD Effects What You Want 2 – Demo by riffsandbeards (by Ryan Bruce)

Thanks to everyone for all of the great interest and feedback we've received on our #wyw2 distortion pedal! Here is another demo by riffsandbeards (Ryan Bruce). This demo features an authentic metal tone, as the pedal is being used with clean channel of a Mesa Boogie amp. Check it out! (Please watch this with speakers and not headphones in order to fully appreciate the killer sound.) Ryan is very active on his YouTube channel, and he has a lot to offer. If you are looking for a way to get modern metal tone check out his channel. You will be inspired!