Pedals F.A.Q

What You Want 2 distortion pedal

1. Can I use the pedal as a preamp?

Yes, sure. You can use the pedal as a preamp at effect loop section to load final amplifier. Being that the pedal has pure output signal level you can do it. I’m not thinking about that, but some customers use the pedal at this rule. However, you should use SIM OUT if you use a pedal with your sound card. Also, please check about output signal level, to avoid overload the card.

2. Is this a diode clipping pedal?

No. The pedal has other principles to get clipping. WYW2 has a cascading constraint circuit, based on op amplifiers and field-effect transistors.

3. Why two LEDs here?

Green (or Yellow) shows to you that all is good with power by all circuit inside, pedal staying in clean bypass mode and ready to drive. Due LEDs receive power from a microcontroller, it shows true situation.

4. The sound switched on (between clean and drive) with some delay time. Is it normal?

Yes, it’s normal. This delay time is very fast, near 50 ms and quite imperceptible to the human response. It’s working soft silent bypass system, to avoid popping. If you noticed it, you have¬†excellent hearing. You will addictive to it soon.

5. Feedback.

The feedback loop between the amplifier and pickup coils can do a real rock music, but please, adjust gain and output level of signal reservedly. The wyw2 has a direct action of clipping, it’s work natural and obeys the law of feedback. If you have excitation and oscillations of your amp and you want to tame them, just decrease gain or output level on the pedal or move or stand back from the amplifier. We are recommended to use low noise cables with length more than two meters for greater control over feedback.

6. My pedal¬†doesn’t have a “Focused and Natural” text on the front panel. Is any difference in tone?

No any difference there. (This also applies to “Clean and Effect” vs “Stand and Drive” labeling.)


1. Could you use other colors of LEDs for me?

Sure, just write to us after you have placed an order. If you want to change red led to blue, green to white no problem.