PIOD EFFECTS was founded in Ukraine around 2009 as a one-person operation and then has transformed into a working team as of 2013. Since 2017 Piod Effects are two persons based team. Our specialty is guitar audio engineering. Being a boutique guitar effects company, consisting of engineer/builder, guitarist/studio engineer, we can offer discriminating players around the world something new in our unique and finely-tuned devices.

We strive to use the best possible electronics and audio equipment in the development of our devices. Designs are tested with wide range of guitars, amps etc. If you use a professional-quality guitar and amplifier, our products will only serve to enhance your sound even further. But our devices are designed to excel in any guitar rig! Whether you’re onstage, in the studio, or just jamming in the garage, Piod Effects are going to sound great! We are here to serve both the professional and the home player.

This is just a sample of the amps we have used to test our products in the Max Morton Studio and Sergey Sershen Studio: Marshall 2203KK Kerry King signature JCM800 head, Peavey 5150-1 ’91 head, Egnater Tweaker 15 head, Tank Studio Bass Amp (Ampeg/Fender replica), MESA Rectifier Standard 4×12 cab, Egnater Tourmaster 412A 4×12 cab etc. In the lab, we use even less expensive amps, such as Crush PiX CR20L.

Depending on the dimensions, technical characteristics and the type of device we use different types of components. In our devices, you may find a lot of components. Regardless, there is no substitute for the finely-tuned circuit; this is where the magic happens. Premium components mean nothing if you don’t know what to do with them. We believe in the power of our circuit designs!

About Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe.

We honestly believe that there is a place for Piod Effects on pedal board of any player who wants better tone.