PIOD EFFECTS was founded in Ukraine around 2009 as a one-person operation.


Transformed into a small working team. Released the first commercial pedal called What You Want Distortion. First business partners. Proudly we became the first Ukrainian guitar pedal company that release own devices on the world market.


Living in the war and political chaos. Black line. Stopping in production. Being in work only on the new sound ideas.


Back to the work. Starting with almost an empty tank. Since 2017 PIOD EFFECTS is two persons based team.



PIOD EFFECTS is a boutique audio engineering manufacturer that situated in Ukraine. Ukraine is a post-soviet (independent since 1991, 24 aug.) country in Eastern Europe.

Currently, managed by Aleksey M. an electronics engineer.

PIOD EFFECTS are devices that designed to excel in any guitar rig! Whether you are onstage, in the studio, or just jamming in the garage, our pedals are going to sound great! We are here to serve both the professional and the home player. The main goal and idea of PIOD EFFECTS is the products that bring well sound at anything and anytime.

We honestly believe that there is a place for Piod Effects on pedal board of any player who wants better analog tone. Well sounding at anything!

Depending on the dimensions, technical characteristics and the type of device we use different types of components and you may find a lot of them in our devices. Regardless, there is no substitute for the finely-tuned circuit. This is where the magic happens! Premium components mean nothing if you don’t know what to do with them. We believe in the power of circuit designs!

Aleksey, 2017, aug 20