Bass Overdrive



All pedals manufactured after October 1, 2013, carry a one-year warranty on the electronic circuit and full-time customer service. We work hard to make the best quality effects. All pedals are protected against reverse polarity of power supplies, which makes the already rare chance for failure even less likely. This warranty is not applicable to a mechanical switch, normal wear of potentiometers, jacks or enclosure paint. Even for non-covered issues, we can always help with repairs at a reasonable cost or for FREE. The user is responsible for any shipping costs (to and from us) for maintenance or repairs.

Shipping from our Direct Online Shop

All orders are shipped via registered Ukrainian Postal Service unless otherwise specified. If the buyer requests, there are other available carrier options, although they do incur a higher shipping price: EMS, TNT, FedEx, UPS. All orders are shipped within 1-3 days, with tracking number provided. While we cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen packages, we will do anything we can to help from our side in the very unlikely event of a mishap. Our products are always well and securely packed as follows: the pedal in a package with bubble wrap in a carton box and then packed for transport in a box or package. Fun to open. Even more, fun to play!

Approximate delivery times, as determined by the postal service:

  • Europe: 1-2 weeks (by air)
  • USA: 1 week (by air)
  • Australia: 2-4 weeks (by air)
  • Russia: 2 weeks
  • Asia: 1-4 weeks (by air)

While we sincerely regret the duration of the delivery times, this is something that is honestly beyond our control. But, hey – something that sounds this great is always worth the wait! Additionally, our products are also available from our dealers, which can make for faster delivery.

Workshop Testing

After assembly, all pedals are “burned in” for a testing period of over 4 hours. This means that the pedals are turned on and left on for this extended amount of time. Afterward, we perform extensive quality control measures to ensure consistent, worry-free and reliable performance for you, the player.

Repairs & Returns

Repairs: If you have a problem, please troubleshoot! Before you send your pedal in for repair, please make sure the device is compatible with cables, guitars, amps, power supplies or locations, if possible. Please check twice! After that, please contact us (using our contact page) and describe your problem. If the problem cannot be solved locally, you will be given our shipping address.

Returns: Currently we do not accept returns. Please see dealers for more convenient purchasing policies.

We always try to provide thorough information regarding our products. You always have access to text descriptions, videos, audio records, as well as feedback from other buyers. It can help you make the right choice. If the device is not suitable for you, you can always try to sell it at a slightly lower price, but please, do not try to make us do it for you. This is our livelihood. We are always working to promote our products so that even used pedals are in demand.

Please take the time to read our website, listen to the demos we have provided, and feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We honestly want you to be happy with your purchase, but we cannot guarantee that our spoons are ideal for your soup. In any case, these are really excellent devices to create music!

Privacy Policy

We do not keep any information about your Credit Cards. Your personal data, such as Name, Address, E-mail, Phone Number and other information shall be used only to contact you and process your orders, and will never be provided to a third party. Occasionally we may email you information about discounts or news updates.