What You Want 2 (Archived)

What You Want 2 is a clear and natural distortion/preamp pedal. This is a mid- to high-gain pedal, powerful and natural, like a tube amp. It is a very touch-sensitive and focused pedal, preserving top end clarity even at high-gain levels. It was designed for rock, metal, fast riffs, and chords. What You Want features a unique analog circuit design based on emulation of tube amplifiers, reproducing the sonic structure of natural tube distortion. You can use the pedal in any channel of an amplifier, clean or overdriven. This pedal has plenty of gain on tap – it’s What You Want!

For people who especially like melodic rock or heavy metal, this pedal is a joy to play.  What sets What You Want apart is its ability to preserve clarity and definition at all gain levels. You can play fast or slow, in a standard tuning or a dropped tuning, and this pedal delivers the goods. What makes this pedal great for modern metal styles, in our opinion, is what can be done with chords and different harmonies. The most important condition here is readability. Using What You Want, you can play chords at high gain and your notes will still be quite readable, unlike so many “high-gain” devices that end up turning your sound to mush. In our device, each gain stage provides a very soft, delicate, touch-sensitive sound with good attack. These individual stages combine within the circuit to give you the blazing sound of rock that you have in your head, with all of the clarity and definition that you would want. You may find best settings of gain occur where you can control your pick attack between dynamics and aggression. You do not have to “hack the strings” with great effort in order to make the guitar sound more vicious. Subtle variations in your touch can increase the level of aggression. Your amplifier will reproduce every nuance of your playing. What You Want is a very delicate and precise tool.

This pedal has an unusual approach to adjusting the output level, because boost is applied instead of the common voltage divider. You will be able to experience it if you are using a tube amp. You can load the booster pedal as much as you need without the loss of any frequency. It works fine even with transistor amplifiers, which makes it even more versatile. What You Want can turn your old small amp into a raging beast!


  • Mid to High gain.
  • Natural tube amp sounding. No doide clipping stages.
  • Focused & touch-sensitive, readable chords without dust on tops.
  • Simulated Output.
  • 500 and 700 Hz notch mid frequency centre.
  • Low level of audio noise. Noise friendly with DC adapters (but recomended to use the regulatetd).
  • No battery supply. Reverse polarity protection.

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions (with knobs): 5.5 x 11.8 x 9.4 cm
  • Weight (packaged): 420 g
  • Power supply: 9-15 V
  • Current consumption: Less than 40 mA
  • Power supply connection: Yes. Standard negative polarity, with the 2.1 mm “barrel plug” and negative center pin (standard for most pedals like Boss).
  • Controls: Gain, Low, Mid, High, Level, Pre EQ (TINY/LOW)-switch, FREQ (500/700)-switch.
  • Bypass: True bypass. Soft Silent Relay Bypass Switch System.
  • Enclosure: Metal with anodized aluminum plate.
  • Battery power: No. (DC adapter not included.)
  • Input impedance: ≈ 1M ohm
  • Output Impedance: ≈ 1k ohm
This version has a true relay bypass system. This is a true bypass pedal. Some players who utilize a lot of true bypass pedals in series report varying degrees of tone loss due to increased capacitance. In order to maximize the quality of your clean (bypassed) tone, we recommend adding a buffer to your signal chain. A small guitar buffer can preserve the quality your clean (bypassed) tone. You can get more information about buffers from the web or our faq.

Soft & Silent Relay Bypass

Soft touch button gives perfect feeling of softness when you press, and it will have a much longer life than the mechanical 3PDT switches used in most true bypass pedals. Our system provides a silent switching without the annoying “pop” when switching from clean sound to drive and vice-versa. With traditional 3PDT switches, popping may be barely noticeable at low volumes; but the sound can be quite noticeable (and startling) on bigger stages at higher volumes. So, we decided to resolve this with our silent switching system. Also, the pedal will stay in bypass mode in the event of a loss of power.

FREQ 500/700 Hz mid frequency centre & PRE EQ switches

500 Hz mid notch shift gives a more open sound, which is mostly heard in rock styles. 700 Hz is a more deep and dark tone of the midrange spectrum. You can choose your MID's based on your preference. PRE EQ sets the amount of low frequency before the gain stages.

Simulated Speaker Output

What You Want also features a built-in module that provides simulation of the frequency response of a punchy 12” Vintage 30 speaker. This allows you to send your signal direct to the mixer, if necessary. This is a good solution for home practice or recording into a computer soundcard.

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PIOD Effects What You Want 2 Distortion Pedal Demo
Pro Guitar Shop demo by Mike Hermans

Piod Effects Introduces the What You Want 2 and What You Want 2 Micro
Press Release on PG August 19, 2014

Review by Tone Report
Issue 42,  27 Sept., 2014

What do people say?

Wonderful. This is the best high gain pedal I have ever tried. I have owned Diezels in the past … so I know what good high gain sounds like. Your pedal pretty much nails it with a correctly set clean channel on an amp. Very articulate like high gain should be … not compressed and buzzy like all the other high gain pedals. Wow.
Randy Chavez

Killer pedal.
Brett Kingman

I’ve got the pedal. I have different preamps as: Peavey 6505+, Mesa Boogie Triple Rect, but What You Want is more metall, focused, readable and it’s has small dimensions. I use the pedal at return of my amp, as preamp. It’s great union. This is powerful sounding.
Edward Bykovets (EdRecords)

This is a great high gain distortion that stays clear, tight, and very amp like. It goes from medium gain to full-out shred with a very useful EQ. It’s what you want and it wants you.

Excellent designed pedal, with amazing rock sounding and custom options as sim output and switches. As for my style and my music with vintage guitars the device is very brighter and strong, but I think that is best for hi gain oriented guitars, amps and rock players. I had a good opportunity to tame the wyw2.
Eduardo Escobar Gutierrez