Bass Overdrive

Bass Overdrive Ultra (Limited Edition)

Bass Overdrive Ultra

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The Bass Overdrive is a CMOS based overdrive by PIOD Effects. It is the first pedal for bass players in the entire line of our effects. The result of two years of work.

Besides, the Bass Overdrive can be used as a simple preamp for coloring the sound by tube character. The saturation knob is a control of almost clean and distorted border of sound, turn it right and the pedal will underline the attack with a “snatch”. Ultra Footswitch adds a fixed boost to gain and to overall signal output level.

The 3-position switch Saturation allows you to set: a thin clanking; a prevailing with mids; and a deep low sound. The switch defines a low-frequency range that will be saturated with higher harmonics and works as a “high-pass” filter. Blend knob is mix untouched signal with a processed by the pedal. The blend is completely transparent and can be used as a guitar buffer.

It is featured with Latch & Momentary bypass functions.


  • Knobs: Drive, Level, Blend, Tone
  • 3-position switch Saturation. Fat, Raw, Voiced
  • Footswitches: Bypass & Ultra.


  • Mid to High gain.
  • No diode clipping stages.
  • Bypass: Latch & Momentary.
  • Organic Level + Gain Boost (Ultra Footswitch).

Technical characteristics:

  • Dimensions (with knobs): 5.5 x 12 x 9.5 cm
  • Weight (packaged): 450-500 g
  • Power supply: DC 9-12 V
  • Current consumption: less than 40 mA
  • Power supply connection: Standard negative polarity, with the 2.1 mm “barrel plug” and negative center pin (standard for most pedals like Boss).
  • Bypass: True bypass. Soft Silent Relay Bypass Switch System.
  • Enclosure: Metal with an anodized aluminum plate.
  • Battery power: No. (DC adapter not included.)
  • Input impedance: ≈ 1M ohm
  • Output Impedance: ≈ 1K ohm